Compro 7503 8W/20R CD-R - Page 6

The below results were tested using WinBench 99. The score was obtained from the average of three tests. Check the figures:

Test Bed - Hardware
Motherboard ABIT BX6 2.0
Processor Celeron 300A @ 450 Mhz
Memory 128MB 
Boot Drive IBM Deskstar 5 DHEA 36480
Video Card nVidia TNT
Test Bed - Operating System Configuration
Operating System Windows 98 SE
File System FAT32
Patches Applied Nil


Ziff Davis CD WinBench 99 - Compro 7503
CD-ROM Transfer Rate  
Inside 1610 KB/sec
Outside 3100 KB/sec
Outside 148ms
CD-ROM/CPU Utilization 3.24%

8X Media
How can we make full use of this drive if your CD-R media does not support the high write speed? I've gathered a few brands of CD-R and ran them at 8X to test for compatibility.

Brand 8X Pass/Fail
Sony CDQ-74CN Fail
Kodak CD-R Gold Ultima Pass
Fujifilm CD-R Pass
Mitsui GD74 Pass
Ricoh 74R-SG Pass

As you can see, there are a few brands of CD-R that support 8X writes so if you intend to buy CD-Rs in bulk, you might want to protect your investments by using the above brands.

Full monty of the drive again

Reliability and Conclusion
After extensive testing of this drive, I must say that it is a worthy successor to the 7502.  Taking less than 10 minutes to finish a 650 MB disc, this drive is definitely a screamer.  I guess we should see a new speed race with various manufacturers competing to bring out the fastest CD-R drives to the market.

However, the drive does not support CD-ReWriteable, a feature that is becoming more and more popular. 

Currently, this drive retails for about S$479 (in Singapore of course!), a very competitive price. The inclusion of the Adaptec 2906 PCI SCSI card is an additional sweet spot for people who do not have a SCSI card in their system. I certainly would recommend this drive if you are shopping around for one. 


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