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It has been a a while since we last did a review on CD-R drives.  The last time we did one was on the Yamaha CRW6416S back in June 1999.

Since then CD-R drives have improved again. Their writing speeds have jumped from the previous 6X we last saw to the current 8X reviewed here.  Floppy disks are no longer the most popular and commonly used portable media for computers. Times have changed. With falling prices, it's no wonder that CD-R drives have been finding their way into homes and offices. In addition, with the widespread availability of CD-ROM drives in computers worldwide, CDs are arguably the most versatile and commonly used portable media in this electronic age. 

The popularity of CD-R technology is undeniable. With DVD recordable drives still far from reaching widespread adoption by the masses, a CD-R option appears to be relatively unchallenged even in the near future. 

With a price difference of S$100 between a 4X and 8X drive, would it be wise to get the faster drive?  We shall examine this in the review.

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Compro CDR7503
The Compro CDR7503 drive was provided courtesy of ACS Innovations Pte Ltd. I must say their service was top notch in providing the drive for evaluation.

Anyway, this is the latest and speediest of Compro's range of CD-R drives. It packs a 20X Read and a 8X Write.

Basically this is an OEM Panasonic drive by Compro that is packaged with the CDR7503 label.  This is the 3rd generation of CD-R drives offered by Compro and I must say that I found their previous drive, the CDR7502, a joy to use.  So how does its successor fare? Read on.


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