ASUS P3B-F - Page 6

Given below are the specifications of the review system :

  • Intel Celeron SL36A 300A.

  • 128MB Hyundai PC-100 SDRAM.

  • IBM Deskstar 10GP.

  • Voodoo3 3000 AGP 16MB.

  • ASUS 40X CD-ROM Drive.

I was able to reach a stable 527MHz with my BX6-2 using a FSB setting of 117MHz (117 x 4.5) and hoped that more juice could be squeezed using the P3B-F. The OS used was Win98 SE. Here are the results of overclocking the 300A using the P3B-F :

Overclocking Results

From the results, we can see that the 300A was able to perform at a stable 517MHz in Win98 SE but hit a wall at anything higher than that. Win98 SE was able to boot the GUI at 540MHz but frequent crashes were reported. I believe that additional cooling might bring on a stable 540MHz, but I was already running with my casing open in conjunction with the costly King Kong HDD cooler and two chassis fans. It would mean good money for extra cooling with no guaranteed success. The 124MHz FSB setting reported protection errors and could not see Win98 SE through the GUI loading. And alas, for the 133MHz FSB setting, the lights were on but no one was in. It was a pity the P3B-F did not have the 117MHz FSB setting with which I could compare with.

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