ASUS P3B-F - Page 7

For benchmarking, SiSoft's Sandra (System Analyser, Diagnostic and Reporting Assistant) and ZDNet's Business Winstone 99 Ver 1.1 were run on the BX6-2 and P3B-F. Results were obtained at settings of 450MHz for both boards. Benchmarks at 527MHz and 517MHz were also done for the BX6-2 and P3B-F respectively. Winstone 99 could not complete its series of tests on the P3B-F at 540MHz without crashing.

From the above results, the conclusion is both boards are on par and no noticeable performance gain can be expected from the P3B-F. One point worth mentioning is that benchmarks for different motherboards with support for the same chipset usually fall within the same range. Unless a reasonable difference (my experience is approx. a difference of 10 for Dhrystone/Whetstone numbers and a difference of 0.4 for Winstone 99) is apparent, stability and usability are the deciding factors in choosing a motherboard.

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