In House Abit BX6-2.0 Review - Part 1

By Wilfred

Hardware One

Without a doubt, the Abit BX6-2.0 is the premier choice of overclockers and hobbyists for their DIY systems. The company’s constant innovation and consistent showing of overclocking-friendly boards like the BX6, BH6 and BX6-2.0 boosted their popularity in a short span of a few years.

Being the first (an unsettled claim with QDI) to create a jumperless method of changing FSB, multiplier and voltage settings, Abit provided the masses with a simple and viable way of setting up and tweaking their CPUs for maximum performance.

The Intel 440BX chipset is one of the most stable and popular chipset that ever arrived. Until the Intel Camino (the i820 is delayed till Sept '99), I do not see the BX disappearing into oblivion yet. Based on this alone, Abit went ahead to create their third BX board, pouring more R&D as well as research to fine-tune and incorporate all the goodness of BX6 and BH6 combined. The BX6-2.0 has an additional 4th DIMM slot just like the BX6 and therefore supports a maximum of 1Gb RAM. Also, there are the five PCI slots just like the BH6. A 6-chip memory buffer, said to confer greater stability in large memory environments, is going to appeal to the high-end server/workstation markets.

Lastly, Abit’s patented SoftMenu II is a standard issue in their current motherboards – the single reason for many to choose an Abit over the rest of the brands.


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