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Installation was pretty straightforward and just involved plugging in the various GS components. However, the power adapter that came with the GS I had was faulty and my display drew a blank when my system was powered up. The adapter might have gotten damaged during shipment. I substituted the given adapter with that of my HP Jornada and to my relief, the POST sequence could be seen again.

Driver installation was without a hitch. I just had to insert the GS setup CD and wait for the splash screen to appear. Selecting "Driver Installation" will automatically install the drivers. New drivers are available from ACT-LABS at the point of writing and you can get them here. A point of note is that DirectX 5.0 or later has to be present for the GS to work.

After installing the drivers, the GS has to be added to the Game Controllers panel in the Control Panel. For the GS to work, there must be no other devices listed in the Game Controllers panel and the GS has to be set to controller #1.

Calibration of the gun and handheld units is required after installation. Calibration is done via the Game Controllers panel and involves firing a couple of shots as close to the bullseye of a target as possible. Console users who have used gun systems should find this process familiar. The guns have to be re-calibrated for each screen resolution with the provided drivers. The new 1.02 drivers allows for just one calibration for all screen resolutions and it's recommend that you get them. Calibration of the handheld unit is done just once.

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