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Frag Test
Fragging is done with the handheld unit on the left hand and a gun unit on the right. If you're not comfortable with this layout, just swap the controllers. The control stick on the handheld is used for movement and perspective viewing whereas the gun is used for firing. At the point of writing, only third party mods from Glitterstream were available for the GS in FPS games. During review, only mods for Quake II and Half-Life were available and I gave the Quake II mod a shot.

"Gun Frenzy" Splash Screen for Configuring the GS for Quake II

Quake II
The GS performed fairly in Quake II but was a poor replacement for the keyboard and mouse. For movement and perspective view control, the buttons and analogue control stick on the handheld unit were used respectively. Perspective view control while moving was rather clumsy and effective jumping was very difficult. The GS combination is ineffective in multiplayer fragging where the ability to easily aim at any possible direction is critical. Circle strafing and Death From Above moves are difficult to perform with the GS. When the heat is on, you'll definitely be at the losing end.

However, if you're just into casual single-player FPS gaming, using the GS combination is undeniably a refreshing and fun alternative to the keyboard and mouse. The feel of actually aiming and hitting a hostile with a physical gun is plain cool!

Here We Go! It's Slime Time...

In all, I must say that the handheld and gun unit combination might be a refreshing alternative method of control for players new to the FPS genre, but experienced players comfortable with the keyboard and mouse would probably be loath to use it.

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