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The Good
Fine workmanship and a classy design mean that you're paying good money for a quality product. The curved nature of the gun and handheld units make them people-friendly (especially for children) as there are little or no pointed edges that can cause injury. It's quite a pleasure to handle the gun units as the rubber grips and sturdy triggers are a comfort and a joy to use. One of the things I like most about each gun unit is that the trigger allows me to depress it short distance before firing. This gives it a professional feel very much like that of an actual firearm.

It's virtually painless to install the GS as it plugs right into your gameport. There's no need to install cards which take up precious PCI/ISA slots on the motherboard. Just a simple setup and you're ready to roll.

The GS performs admirably in "rail" style and target shooting games. Though far from being the replacement for the killer keyboard and mouse combination in FPS games, it is great to see that the GS offers a novel extension of the traditional gun system.

The Bad
It is a shame that software support for the GS is lacking so far. This is the primary concern that prevents me from recommending this product at the moment. The GS carries a price tag of US$90 and retails for S$210 locally. People will be unwilling to pay that much for a piece of novelty without a large supporting software base.

As I've mentioned earlier, people familiar with the keyboard and mouse in FPS games will not find the GS suitable in this aspect. The GS is still largely a controller system for "rail" style and hunting games.

The ACT-LABS GS is a great product and the elegant nature of the various components makes it a welcome addition to any gaming arsenal. The GS is aesthetically very pleasing and will make an excellent holiday or birthday gift. However, this is marred by the glaring lack of titles that support the GS so far. With a little luck, we'll see increased software support as a stamp of approval for the GS. Personally, it is good to see that the first light gun system for the PC has such high standards and hopefully, this is a sign of more first-rate game controllers to come.

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