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The “Other” Specs


  • Supports all 66MHz and 100MHz front-side bus Intel Celeron, Pentium II and Pentium III (including type “E”) slot 1 CPU.

  • Supports type “B” and type “EB” Coppermine Pentium III CPU at 100 MHz front-side bus (i.e. CPU will be underclocked)

  • Support for Socket 370 packaging via adapter card (available separately).


  • Intel 440BX chipset

  • Accelerated Graphics Port (AGP) 1x and 2x mode (Sideband)


  • Three 168-pin DIMM sockets support SDRAM modules (max 768MB)

System BIOS

  • Award Plug and Play 2MB Flash ROM BIOS

  • Supports Advanced Configuration and Power Management Interface (ACPI)

  • CPU Jumper-less Design

  • Ability to write BIOS settings to EEPROM

On Board I/O

  • 2 Serial Ports (UART 16C550 Support)

  • 1 Parallel Port (SPP/EPP/ECP Support)

  • 2 Channel E-IDE (Mode 4 and Bus master UDMA 33 Support)

  • 1 Floppy Drive Connector (1.2/1.44/2.88 MB)

  • 2 Channel Universal Serial Bus Ports

  • 1 PS/2 Mouse Port

  • 1 PS/2 Keyboard Port

Other connectors

  • IrDA

  • Wake-On-LAN

  • SB-Link

  • Wake-On-Modem


  • Frequency isolation wall deployment for signal integrity

  • Over current protection circuit

  • Hardware monitoring (temperature, voltage, fan speed)

  • AC power on auto recovery

  • Resetable fuse for keyboard and USB device

  • PC99 colour coded connectors

  • 202x305 mm, ATX form factor

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