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What else came in the box?

  • Installation guide
  • Floppy cable
  • IDE cable
  • AOpen bonus pack CD

AOpen chose to provide in printed form an installation guide leaflet rather than a full manual (the manual was provided in electronic format in the bonus pack CD). The intent of the leaflet is to provide enough information to set up the motherboard and boot-up the operating system. Personally, I would have preferred the full manual in printed form, as the installation guide leaflet did not provide all the necessary information for me to set up all the connectors on the motherboard (e.g. IrDA connector).

Apart from the on-line motherboard manual, the bonus pack CD included the following:

  • Norton Antivirus
  • Crash Guard hard disk crash protection
  • Diagnostic software
  • Hardware monitoring software
  • Suspend to hard disk utility
  • Utility to check and modify PCI registers
  • Motherboard drivers for Win95, WinNT and OS/2
  • FAQ

Board Physical
The CPU slot was well clear of the memory slots, which allowed to me fit in my favourite monster heatsink the ALPHA P3125SM60. A minor issue was caused by the bank of capacitors next to the CPU slots (being taller than usual), which impacted on the mounting screws of the ALPHA heatsink easily solved by bending the capacitors slightly away from the CPU slot.

This is a 1AGP/6PCI configuration motherboard this is an issue if you have any ISA cards. Personally, I am quite happy with the all PCI configurations.

Test System

  • Intel Pentium III 450 MHz (overclocked to 558 MHz @ 2.1V as reference)
  • Spectek (Micron) 64MB x2 SDRAM (tested to operate at 133MHz)
  • 300W PowerMan ATX power supply
  • Creative 5x DVD-ROM
  • Yamaha CD-RW 4416S
  • Seagate 10.1GB UDMA-66
  • Seagate 4.3 GB UDMA-33 + Seagate 3.4 GB UDMA-33
  • Win98 SE (with all current patches)
  • Creative GeForce Pro (yes, I could not resist splurging on it!)
  • Adaptec AVA-2902 PCI SCSI card
  • Creative Encore Dxr2 DVD Decoder
  • Creative Soundblaster Live! Value

I had some strange problems using this motherboard and the Soundblaster Live! Value card. The soundcard output was a constant beep tone for whatever sound was played through it when I had the expansion cards in the following configuration, although Windows did not show any IRQ/DMA conflicts or sharing between the soundcard and any other devices.

  1. AGP Creative GeForce Pro
  2. Slot 2 Creative Encore Dxr2 DVD Decoder
  3. Slot 4 Adaptec AVA-2902 SCSI card
  4. Slot 6 Creative Soundblaster Live! Value (using Liveware 3 drivers)

Moving the soundcard from Slot 6 to Slot 3 resolved the problem.

I was not able to verify whether this was an issue with the soundcard or the motherboard. However, I did not have such an issue with my regular board, the Abit BX6-R2. To be fair though, the Abit BX6-R2 is a 5PCI design while the AOpen AX6BC Pro II is a 6PCI design.


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