AOpen AX6BC Pro II Millennium Ed  - Page 5

This is a hassle free above average BX motherboard. If you looking for a stable motherboard, with basic overclocking facilities – this is it.

With new chipsets looming in the horizon which supports 133MHz front-side bus, UDMA 66 and AGP4x such as the Intel “Camino” and the VIA Apollo Pro 133A, I find it difficult to recommend any BX-based motherboard. It is especially difficult with this AOpen board, as it does not provide any bridging technology (e.g. support for UDMA 66).

But it sure looks cool!

Other pics of this high quality looker

Board revision imprint
The 3 DIMM Slots
Installation Guide
A neat line of small capacitors

Lucky Draw Details
Finally, in line with the millennium celebrations, we are going to give away this single piece of gem. *This giveaway is limited to only residents of Singapore and details on how to participate can be found right here*

Special thanks to AOpen Inc.
for providing this evaluation board. 

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