ASUS Riva TNT2 Ultra Deluxe - Page 1

By David
Hardware One

If someone asked you if you could rumble with a TNT2 Ultra card for free, would you refuse? No way hosay! I readily accepted a review offer for the ASUS Riva TNT2 Ultra Deluxe packaged with VR glasses. It would be great to see some kick ass Ultra TNT2 performance out of my machine. My aging Matrox Mystiqe G200 (8Mb) just didn't seem to cut it anymore.

I've seen the card in action many times at Sim Lim Square, and was quite impressed with it. However with a hefty price tag of around S$450, it costs more than my P3-450. Is it worth the price? Read on.

The box looks quite impressive! Upon closer inspection, I noticed a sticker which said : "Notice!! We do not recommend using this card with ALi chipset motherboards." Hmm, bad news for Super 7 users here.

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