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Bundled Stuff
What are the goodies included with the card? Let's see... the ASUS Riva TNT2 Ultra Deluxe comes with the following :

  • The ASUS TNT2 Ultra 32MB Graphics Card (of course!)
  • VR100! VR Stereoscope 
  • Driver CD
  • TV output
  • Video Input
  • Cables (S-Video to Composite, S-Video extension, Composite Extension)
  • ASUS Live Capture Driver (For Video Input)
  • Full version of Turok II and XG2

The Card
This TNT2 Ultra card has a brown PCB and comes with a small heatsink and a fan.

There are 5 output jacks on the back of the card. The standard VGA monitor output, an output for VR glasses, a TV Input(7pin), a SVHS/TV Output(7pin) and a composite TV output.

VR100! VR Stereoscope
to what I thought, the ASUS VR100! Stereoscope does fit even if you happen to be wearing glasses. It looks quite cool too! It plugs to the back (VR output) of the card.

Driver CD
The drivers in the CD are easy to install and there is even a cute little utility to show you what the different parts of your TNT2 card are for. Tweaking utilities are also included to overclock your TNT2.  

TV Output
Asus has included a 800 x 600(max) TV output. It works great for games but it is not really suitable for text.

Full version of Turok II and XG2
This warrants no explanation right? 2 games for you to enjoy the VR glasses with.

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