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VR Glasses
Now for the cool VR Glasses...

A personal observation between the ASUS and ELSA glasses; My experience is that the ASUS VR-100G fit people wearing spectacles. However, the The ELSA glasses I've seen do not. In fact, I feel uncomfortable trying on the ELSA glasses with my spectacles on. The ASUS can actually fit over your spectacles if you happen to be wearing a pair!

The VR glasses are plugged to the "VR glasses" output of the ASUS card. Batteries are not required for operation.

Here's a screenshot of the available options in the display settings.


It works on most D3D games. Initially, I couldn't get Microsoft's Midtown Madness to work with the Stereoscopic mode enabled. The program would just exit abruptly during the startup of the game. This problem was solved after I updated to the new V2.09 Beta drivers.

The 3D effect of the glasses was realistic; So much so that I felt giddy after an hour or so of Midtown Madness. For those of you who like their games to be as 3D as possible, this pair of 3D glasses might be worth cheking out.

To give your muscles and eyes a rest, the manual recommends a technique used by people who work with stereoscopic devices. Here's the take : Frequent short breaks with the removal of the 3D glasses should be taken. You should then look up and focus on a distant object to prevent discomfort and eye fatigue. 

Darn, I should have taken this advice earlier . . .

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