ASUS Riva TNT2 Ultra Deluxe - Page 6

Many of you must be interested in knowing how well this Ultra TNT2 card can be overclocked.

I used the given Asus Tweak Utility to overclock the TNT2 Ultra. The Asus Tweak Utility allows you to overclock the core/memory to a maximum of 160/220MHz. The default setting is 150/183MHz.

Here's a screenshot of the Asus Tweak Utility,

From my tests, the card was stable at 160/195MHz. Artifacts would be shown on my desktop with any setting above that. For your information, the memory chips used was the EliteMT.

I did not get a kick increasing the TNT2 Ultra Core by a mere 10MHz so I used Powerstrip : 

After much experimentation, I found that the 180/195MHz setting was most stable for the card that I had. Any higher and artifacts would start to appear in games. As always, luck plays an important factor. In the world of overclocking, there are no guarantees. Sometimes you get the juice, sometimes you don't.

For a stability test, Final Reality was run overnight. It ran fine with the heatsink and fan provided.

You could probably overclock the chip core even more using better cooling but I doubt you can do the same for the memory.

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