ASUS Riva TNT2 Ultra Deluxe - Page 7

Anything else? Let's look at the minor details:

2D performance of this card is great, providing for crisp and sharp text up to 1280*1024 @ 32bit color. I didn't test for anything higher, reason being that my monitor doesn't support resolutions higher than 1280*1024. This should be credited to the 300MHz RAMDAC of this card.

The manual is well written and detailed (56 pages, English only) in its instructions. Definitely on par if not better than other graphics card manuals I have seen before.

I took a close look at the card and noticed that the heatsink and fan were carefully designed not to occupy the precious PCI slot just next to it.

It's great that ASUS has decided to include the cables for video input/TV output. My only complain is that the TV output (composite extension) cable is too short. I had to move my TV quite close to the PC to use it.

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