ASUS Riva TNT2 Ultra Deluxe - Page 8

I like this card and frankly speaking, it's one of the fastest graphics card that I have used. And the VR glasses will alow you to enjoy an unprecedented 3D gaming experience.

If you are scouring the market for a TNT2 Ultra card with 3D glasses at the moment, this card is worth considering. 

The only thing that holds me back from strongly recommending this card is its price. The card currently retails at around S$450 and this makes it one of the most expensive cards in the market now.  I suggest that you wait a few more months for the next wave of graphics cards to be out as prices of TNT2 Ultra cards might have fallen by then.

If you need an inexpensive graphics card to cling on to for the next few months till the release of the next slew of graphics cards, your best take now would be a TNT2 M64 (32mb) or a Savage4. The price of the V3800 makes it hard to recommend at the moment.

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