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Bundled Package
When I unwrapped the box with my trembling hands, I thought about how anything this big and heavy must be good enough to warrant any distributor to produce it.

Just hope that dust & dirt don’t affect these speakers that look just so pure and white..

Let’s see what you get in the package:

  • 01 x Remote Controller powered by 02 x AAA batteries.

This remote interfaces via infra-red to the Digital Control Unit (DCU) and possesses a whole host of functions that allows full control over the settings of the speaker system, including:

  1. Specifying any speaker and altering its bass / treble / volume through the remote

  2. Switching between preset equalizer modes (ie. Rock, Cinema, Jazz, Game, Pop, Night – to dampen dynamic output)

  3. Muting any speaker or the entire system

  4. Powering on / off the speaker system

  5. Switching between audio resampling modes / mixing (ie. 2 to 5.1 speaker, 4 to 5.1 speakers, Normal or stereo mode)

  6. Pre-program or save any preferred settings and configurations in the DCU

  • 01 x Micro-processor based Digital Control Unit (about 2-3m cable length)

This set-top box should typically be placed above or near the monitor where it can be easily “seen” by the remote. As you can see from the picture, it has a few LEDs (indicating its current setting or sampling mode) and a power / standby LED, together with a control knob that is primarily used for volume control. In addition, pushing this knob also cycles between various modes and allows tweaking of settings by rotating it. This is similar to most knob-dials in home-entertainment systems. However, in retrospect, I never did use much of the DCU for control as the same (and more) can be achieved via the remote itself. The DCU also interfaces and controls the rest of the speakers via a min-DIN connector to the back of the sub-woofer. See below for more details…

  • 01 x 23W RMS Sub-woofer housed in a solid 5.25” wooden cabinet

This is probably the best component of the lot! This sub-woofer is huge and stolidly built – approximately 2.3 to 3 times the size of my old Cambridge sub-woofer that came with the FPS bundle. Just look at the photograph above and you can see how it compares to the satellites…

It comes with its own dedicated power supply to drive it and is the central component where all the other speakers + DCU connect to (as seen in the picture below) via its back housing.

  • 03 x 7W RMS magnetically shielded satellite front or center speakers (with 3m cable length) + 02 x 7W RMS magnetically shielded satellite rear speakers (with 5m cable length)

In comparison with my old Creative FPS satellites, these speakers are definitely sturdier + heavier, with a more solid construction. You would also notice that the speakers come with metallic bronze latches at the rear, that allow mounting on walls if you so desire. Unlike the Creative FPS bundle, these speakers do not have any accompanying stands to elevate them. However, I never was inclined to use stands for elevation anyway as these look too odd and non-aesthetical in one’s room…

Looking awesome, but tell me how it sounds…

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