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Other Niggly Points
Okay, having said so much about the sound, I must add that the controls were a bit less intuitive than I initially expected from a remote. I guess this just takes some getting used to, but I did have problems setting up the sound system for proper use via the remote.

Perhaps Iím asking too much, but there isnít any indicator at all on the DCU (or remote) that feedbacks on the setting levels for the various components. Meaning that one sets the treble / bass / volume of each speaker rather blindly by adjusting the up/down arrows on the remote, manually listening to each speaker to tune it. This is rather cumbersome in my opinion, perhaps they could have a LED indicator that simply shows the current setting (say +5, etc). In any case, one the initial settings are done, the other functions are pretty accessible and easy to operate. However, certain settings like programming functions, are still rather cryptic in my opinion and involve more fiddling to get accustomed to.

Well, I would rate the entire speaker system as a good performer offering decent and a balanced sound reproduction. However, the sub-woofer is where it really shines and offers the most for what its worth. I donít have a DTT 2500 to compare it so canít really make any final verdict on it quality as a PC Gaming cum Home-theatre system. However, its most apparent shortfall IMHO, seems to be the lack of Dolby Digital decoding which the DTT 2500 has. I guess this would be something anybody would first consider in purchasing a so-called Home-Theatre PC based system, even though granted that the price of the Aztech may be undoubtedly lowerÖ

I want more!

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