Aztech RivaTNT2 32T - Page 3

Bundle And First Impression
It struck me that this is a zero-frills box when I found little that filled the space within. What you will get is a standard driver CD, a tissue-thin installation leaflet and the card wrapped in anti-static bag.

The contents in the box at a glance.

I must say that for the sake of newbies and grand-daddies, a more thorough documentation would have scored a few more points.

Nevertheless, the dense circuitry of components on the green PCB appears well constructed. Similar to most other non-Ultra TNT2 cards, the processor chip only has a black passive heatsink mounted.

The card surprised me with its quality feel and build.

7ns EliteMT SDRAM are used and eight pieces of them can be found on each side of the card. 7ns? How much overclocking can this take? We shall see later.

EliteMT -7ns SDRAM
More memory chips on the back of the PCB.


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