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The Board - Physical
The board is compact, about 1 inch shorter than the Abit BX-R2 that I normally use. It is probably in part due to the fact that the BE6-II only has 3 DIMM sockets, versus the 4 DIMM sockets in the BX-R2. This could be a good thing, or a bad thing depending on your needs it probably means that trace lengths are shorter, which is normally good for stability. However, for me, it meant that I could not fit in my favourite monster of a heatsink.

Here is a picture of my favourite P-III heatsink from Alpha, together with the naked PCB of my Intel P-III 450 MHz (you will notice two plastic wire ties that I use to secure the very heavy heatsink to the CPU stands).  

In the picture below, you can see the heatsink hanging over the DIMM slot closest to the CPU this meant that I could only use only two of the three DIMM slots.

So, if you are into big cooling solutions for your CPU, watch the heatsink size with this board.

If you have not noticed by now, the BE6-II has a 1AGP/5PCI/1ISA layout (compared with the 1/5/2 configuration of the BX6-R2). This was probably done to save IRQs (you will know why shortly), but for those of you with a need for more ISA slots, this board is not for you.


Notice that the BE6-II has got more of those large capacitors and inductors around the CPU slot wonder why.

Yes, it also comes with rainbow coloured connectors.
The usual Winbond chip provides hardware monitoring facilities  

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