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Should I go buy one?
If you already own a BX-based motherboard, and are looking to upgrade for the Ultra DMA 66 support or Soft Menu III – you should be aware that the BX chipset is nearing the end of its product life cycle. On the horizon are motherboards based on the Intel “Camino” chipset and the VIA Apollo Pro 133A chipset which will provide native Ultra DMA-66 and AGP 4x support.

For the moment, the high RDRAM prices, and the performance penalties associated with the inclusion of the Memory Translation Hub for SDRAM support would probably mean that the Camino chipset will take a little more time to mature.

The VIA Apollo Pro 133A on the other hand uses SDRAM and looks set to be a winner – at least on paper. Immature drivers and compatibility issues could still scuttle it.

Bottom line, the Abit BE6-II is a good product. If you need to buy a new motherboard right away, then do consider it seriously. On the other hand if you are looking for an upgrade, you may be better off holding off for the moment to see how the next generation chipset fare on retail boards.

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