ABIT BP6 Dual Socket370 Motherboard - Page 2

First Looks
This board is larger than my existing BH6. Both are about the same height, but the BP6 is wider and it barely fitted into my casing *cough cough*.

Full Monty of the BP6

The board comes in a pretty standard configuration with 5 PCI, 1 AGP and 2 ISA slots, with a clean overall layout. However, there are no onboard SCSI or LAN controllers like most dual motherboards. It features 3 DIMM slots, supporting up to a maximum of 768 MB of RAM using 256 MB unbuffered DIMM modules.

Besides the support for SMP, one of the other important feature is the support for ATA-66 through the onboard HPT366 controller from HighPoint-Tech. The BP6 supports up to 8 IDE devices, four ATA-33 and four ATA-66 devices.

From the picture above, you can see the 4 IDE connectors. The white colour connectors are for ATA-66 devices while the black color ones are for the ATA-33.

Closeup view of the HPT366 ATA-66 chipset

The BP6 package comes with a detailed user's manual, ATA-66 cable, ATA-33 cable as well as a floppy cable. There is also a diskette containing Win95/98/NT (but alas, not Windows 2000) drivers for the HPT366 controller under Win95/98 and NT as well as a CD-ROM containing programs like Hardware Doctor and the HighPoint XStore Pro.

ATA-66 cable - Notice the 3 different color connectors

Most of us are new to ATA-66. The ATA-66 cable is a 40-pin IDE/80 conductor cable and offers a maximum burst rate of 66.6 Mbytes/s. The ATA-66 cable is colour-coded with a blue connector at one end, a gray connector in the middle and a black connector at the other end. Now, it is important that the ends are connected correctly due to the presence of a polarization tab. The BLUE connector must be connected to the motherboard, the GRAY to the secondary drive and the BLACK to the primary hard drive. Piece of cake huh?

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