ABIT BP6 Dual Socket370 Motherboard - Page 6

On to the Tests
To utilise SMP, Windows 2000 RC1 Server Build 2072 was installed. I must say Windows 2000 is quite good now, and everything installed rather smoothly. Dual CPU was detected immediately. However, there are still no ATA-66 drivers for W2K, so I am denied the chance to see the full speed of my ATA-66 drive.

Windows 2000 Task Manager showing system load of two processors

The first application I fired up was Photoshop 5.02. Photoshop is one of the programs able to utilize SMP. Notice how the 2nd CPU kicks in while performing some filters I applied on a 50 MB .PSD file.

Distributed Computing
RC5 is one of my favourite programs and it is one of those that appreciates the presence of a second processor. =)

RC5 churning away on the blocks

The rate at which this dual SMP system churn out RC5 blocks impressed me greatly. Woohoos!


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