Creative 3D Blaster Banshee - Part 1

By Wilfred

Hardware One

Creative Technology has been aggressively expanding into realms beyond soundcards and focusing on being a total multimedia firm instead of being remembered as JUST a soundcard company. Making graphics boards is one such inroad they are exploring to achieving this aim.

"Everything looks really vibrant and SHARP!!! A marked contrast to my Diamond Viper V330 4Mb Riva128 card."

After quite a successful run making affordable Voodoo 2 boards under their brand name, they seem to be continuing this trend of delivering no frills graphics accelerators. Recently, they released the Graphics Blaster TNT as well as the 3D Blaster Banshee.

The 3Dfx Banshee is a fine chipset delivering both excellent 2D and 3D on one affordable board. The Creative Banshee is basically a reference design board fitted with 16Mb of SGRAM clocked at 100Mhz, essentially a stripped down Voodoo 2 (1 TMU instead of 2) with an exceptional 2D core.

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