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The Package
Now for the actual goods - In the packaging you’ll find:

  • 01 x Creative CT6940 GeForce 256 with 32MB SDRAM (utilises ESMT –5T rated RAM) + a VMI connector onboard; although the SDRAM seems to indicate a 5ns clock speed, I think it runs more like 5.5ns as we’ll see later…

  • Intervideo WinDVD software

  • CD-ROM containing DX7.0, Nvidia GeForce drivers (will show the revs later on) for Win 95/98/NT, E-Colour Colorific + 3D Deep software, Enhanced BlasterControl applet (include an o/c utility), Creative Enhanced SoftMPEG

  • 01 x manual (rather scarce in my opinion, as it seems to barely describe the card and its installation)

That’s all? Yup, I agree it’s a pretty meager offering for a SGD 425 card. In any case, I guess anyone purchasing such a card would purely want it for speed of ops. So it may not be such a big deal afterall. Furthermore, installation of their drivers + DX7 was a breeze and I was up and running in no time. In addition, you’ll get Creative’s control applets that sports a host of tweaks for the card. It offers several other functions unseen before in my original TNT2 card. The screenshots below will illustrate what I mean:

I meddled more heavily with the overclocking settings than those above. Do note that the overclocked memory settings of 191 were altered via Powerstrip to obtain it. By default the applet limits this to 183 MHz. I will post an update if I do find out anything more interesting in tweaking these variables.

In addition, if you noted in the Powerstrip graphics system info settings below, it shows the AGP 4x and Fast writes boxes to be unchecked but “un-greyed” out. This implies that support for these functions are indeed in the board itself (unlike some other Ultra TNT2 boards that have the AGP 4x greyed out).

But for now, let’s see if it really delivers up to specs…


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