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Other Findings

Well, after installing the card and running it with an open casing, I immediately noticed how hot the chip got. Even by simply placing my finger near the heatsink/fan combo, I could feel that it was generating much more heat than the TNT2 on my V770. So I decided to place a thermostat on the heatsink just to find out (with the case open).

Even by not running any intense graphics apps, the temperature equalizes at about 35 to 36 deg C.  In running intense app (like benchmarking Q3 and 3D Mark 99), it can reach 38 to 39 deg C. This is quite hot considering that my ambient is only 26 – 27 deg C just laterally outside the casing (from the GeForce). The measurements were done with the case open as well. So with the case on, it would probably hit over 40 deg C. This was at a core of 140 setting.

With the above findings, one can infer that utilizing a bigger heatsink + more active cooling would stabilize the core at higher clockspeeds. Perhaps, even allowing it to reach 150 MHz!!

I haven’t had a chance to try out the card with WinDVD yet and test its motion compensation capabilities. Will probably do so at a latter stage.

In regards to its 2D quality, it is as sharp if not sharper than my old V770 at 1024 x 768 x 32 bit / 75Hz for my Windows desktop.


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