Creative 3DBlaster GeForce Annihilator - Page 1

By Wy Mun
Hardware One


Just 2 days ago, I walked past one of my local computer shops in Sim Lim Square and was pleasantly surprised to note the availability of Creative’s 3D Blaster GeForce. I believe there is a limited quantity available in Singapore, as I only saw like 20 sets “hidden” and tucked away on the retail shelves.

Now, this card is one that I had long awaited for. As being the successor to Nvidia’s TNT2 chipset undoubtedly promises greater performance than even the fastest Ultra TNT2 board around.  Even though I already have a V770, I guess the idea of getting the first GeForce board in the market, and potentially issuing its first review compelled me somewhat to take up the offer. =)

In addition, the onboard GPU did make the board look rather tempting with its inbuilt hardware T&L. I had actually held back my cash as I was informed then that an 'Ultra version' would be available.  However, that night this turned out to be bogus with nVidia's confirmation, stating no plans for such a chipset. Coupled by this fact and also that other manufacturers will mainly be releasing 32MB SDRAM versions of this card, I took another trip the next day and bought the board for SGD 425.


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