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Bearing Resemblances

Well, when I first received the box and retail production sample, I had to steady my trembling fingers to as I carefully removed the card from its anti-static bag. On first glance, it doesn’t look very much different from its SDRAM predecessor…  

The DDR Front
The DDR on its back
For comparison: The SDR Front
For comparison: The SDR back

However, upon closer inspection, it is immediately obvious that the rectangular SDRAM chips have been replaced by more square-like Infineon 6ns DDR SGRAM. Whilst I haven’t heard of Infineon before, I have gathered from the newsgroups that they could be a spin-off from Siemens.

So this is what’s the fuss about…  

But really, besides that, nothing has changed and Creative has definitely NOT added any more capacitors (See article on ASUS K7M regarding GeForce / Athlon) near their AGP pins to tackle Athlon compatibility in fear of voiding AGP specifications. In addition, the same thermal Hydo-bearing fan (DC 12V / 0.06A) + heatsink combo was used as in its SDRAM predecessor.

But let’s see what comes with the bundle I received (Do note that Creative could not pass me a full retail bundle with the card on time.  However, I was assured that the card sample itself originates from their actual retail production line and the bundle will be as stated on the box):

  • 01 x CT6970 3D Blaster GeForce Pro with 32MB DDR 6ns Infineon SGRAM

  • Evolva Scout

  • High-IQ/GeForce 256 Experience Demo CD

  • 01 x Installation CD-ROM with 3.53 based Creative customized drivers (Win95/98/NT4.0) for the 3D Blaster GeForce Pro, Creative Enhanced Blaster Control, Creative SoftMPEG for Win95/98, Colorific and 3Deep Software

  • User Manual

From what I gathered, the inclusion of WinDVD 1.31 could also be probable. In addition, contrary to popular belief, the High-IQ/GeForce 256 Experience demo CD simply includes the standard Nvidia Wanda, Bubble, Boxter models, etc, demos and NOT the highly sought after “Dagoth Moor Zoological Gardens”. 

I shan’t dwell upon the intricacies of Nvida’s NV10 (or GeForce) chipset, having expounded it in 2 previous reviews. Needless to say, the GeForce Pro bears the same functional chip as its predecessor with identical specifications.

Enough!! But can the card be overclocked!!??

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