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GeForce Unleashed! #1

When I first reviewed the SDRAM 3D Blaster GeForce, I was slightly disappointed with its less than optimal 32bit Hi-res settings, having been unable to reach the magic 60fps in Q3DemoTest at 1024x768/32bit (the resolution I believe most people who purchase this card would possibly play). However, having run the GeForce Pro through the various benchmarks, I can say that this has at last become a reality!!

In one word, this card SCREAMS!!  My fellow power gamers, if you truly cherish unadulterated, uncompromised performance at 1024x768/32bit, this is THE CARD to get now, Period! ’Nuff said.  Without witnessing the highly acclaimed Savage 2000 board yet from Diamond, I must add that the performance I’ve seen on the Pro is simply unparalleled..!

In addition, I opted to pre-empt the various requests and pointers stemming from my past SDRAM GeForce review, and have put the card through whatever benchmarks I could throw at it for your viewing pleasure. Check the whole enchilada out and tell me when your drool hits the floor… Also, I have run the benchmarks at its default/optimal Core & Mem settings, so that you can interpolate and gauge its performance on other retail cards. Also, just for your info, the GeForce chip core temperature hit a max of 36.7 deg C during the entire benchmarking process


Quake3Demo 1.09
In Quake3Demo based on 1.09 (All options on - VSynch OFF, Texture Quality MAX, LightMap, Marks On Wall ON, Simple Items OFF, Sound Quality HIGHEST, Dynamic Lights ON, High Quality Sky ON, Eject Brass ON, com_maxfps 200, etc)  Note that Demo001 & Demo002 refers to Q3DM7 and Q3DM1 respectively:

a) Bilinear Filtering

Demo 1 - 16-bit and 32-bit Tests


Demo 2 - 16-bit and 32-bit Tests


a) Trilinear Filtering

Demo 1 - 16-bit and 32-bit Tests


Demo 2 - 16-bits and 32-bits Tests

Here we can see that for 32-bit, at 800x600 resolutions and below, it has typically become CPU limited and maintains about 70-75fps. This is a little strange, as I believe I did manage to achieve higher frame-rates running Q3Test1.08 with my SDRAM version. However, it is noticeable that the new Q3Demo build includes enhanced graphical features that would have inevitably taxed the CPU more, and diluted its frame rate under similar test settings.

Nevertheless, at 1024x768/32bit and utilizing bilinear filtering, it has finally attained near 60 fps even under default settings! The effects of overclocking are more evident in 32-bit using Trilinear Filtering at higher resolutions. Again, it is interesting to note the significant drop in performance switching from Bilinear to Trilinear.

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