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All I Want For Christmas…

I believe the numbers speak for themselves. And really, with frame-rates that high on 1024x768/32bit, any power gamer should be more than pleased. Seriously, this card ROCKS! But the only hindering factor is whether your wallets can shelve out the necessary dough for this 32bit beauty. I guess if you’re happy with 16-bit play, then the SDRAM version would do just fine. However, if you’re a “Quaker” or UT player like me, who unassumingly finds time to enjoy the 32-bit scenery periodically or simply cannot accept less than perfect Hi-Res textures, this is the card for you. I guess Savage 2000 may pose a formidable threat especially with its good bang-for-buck value in 32bit. But till I see it, I guess the GeForce Pro reigns for now….


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