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By Wy Mun
Hardware One

Heralding The Pro: The Ultimate Insane Accelerator

Since the first SDR GeForce board was released just 2 - 3 months back, users were astounded by its performance, especially in Hi-Res/16bit mode with Quake3Test.

Unfortunately, its 32bit mode in Hi-Res fell short of its core potential and produced a bottleneck in frame-rates, owing to its limited SDRAM memory bandwidth. This resulted in many perturbed power users, who deemed it akin to running a “Porsche on Diesel”.

However, shortly afterwards, Nvidia’s NDA was lifted and the crowds finally understood the reason behind the fiasco. Nvidia’s announcement of the DDR GeForce featured uncompromised, blistering 32-bit benchmarks on their reference boards, predominantly owing to its “Double Data Rate” (DDR) memory chips, running at a scorching 300MHz. Since then, everyone has been clamouring for its first official retail release, regardless of the high cost of the card itself…

And now, I can safely say that the long awaited DDR retail version from Creative is highly imminent. In fact, I was privileged enough to receive one production retail model for review just prior to its launch. But does it really perform as promised? How much better? Especially since I already have a 3D Blaster GeForce (32MB SDRAM version)? Let’s see if the performance does indeed live up to its hype of the “Ultimate Insane Accelerator” tagline on its box…

The box, now with the PRO clearly and boldy printed.

Woah!! It’s finally here!! So how does it look??

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