Tennmax TNT Detonator Cooler - Page 3

Overclocking performance
With the Tennmax TNT Detonator Cooler, overclocking performance improved marginally. The core was able to maintain full stability at 170 MHz while memory speed remained limited to 210 MHz (as would be expected since no additional cooling was applied to the memory chips).

This marginal improvement fell far short of my expectations.

Chipset Temperature
The TNT2U chip surface temperature however was markedly cooler from 43.4 degrees C with the original cooler (at 165MHz core) to 38.6 degrees C with the TennMax cooler (at 170 MHz core) i.e. 4.8 degrees C cooler. Taking into account the temperature of the ambient air around the card, I could not expect it to do any better.

The moral of the story do not expect additional cooling to improve your overclocking headroom substantially. You will be first and foremost limited by the physical limitations of your chip.

The TennMax cooler delivered what it was suppose to do faultlessly cool the chip. Before you go and buy one, however, make sure that heat is the problem you are trying to solve.

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