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By Kai Ping
Hardware One

I first heard about TennMax United (www.tennmax.com) through the Stealth V2 Cooler their cooling solution for the 3dfx Voodoo2 cards. The Stealth V2 Cooler is an active heatsink with a fan embedded into a triangle metal plate (shaped like the profile of the Stealth Fighter) which enabled all three 3dfx chips on the Voodoo2 card to be cooled simultaneously.

While my own Voodoo2 SLI setup struggled to keep 90 MHz, reviews had the Stealth V2 Cooler pushing the Voodoo2 to 110MHz. (Mine were stuck at 90MHz as one of the cards had 28ns memory, and no amount of cooling would have helped.)

Having recently replaced my aging Voodoo2 SLI with a Creative Labs TNT2 Ultra as my primary gaming 3D accelerator, I was curious to find out whether the TennMax cooler for the TNT2 the TNT Detonator Cooler would improve the overclocking ability of my TNT2 Ultra.

How To Get One?
The TNT Detonator Cooler comes in three flavours (extracted from the TennMax website):

Detonator Type 0 Cooler attached using an adhesive tape.

(For the Diamond Viper 770, Canopus, Leadtek Winfast, Creative model #687x)  

Detonator Type A Push pins at the diagonal corners of the cooler. 

(For the Asus 3800, Skywell)

Detonator Type B Push pins on the sides of the cooler.

(For the Hercules Dynamite, Elsa Erazor, Guillemot Xentor, Gigabyte GS-660, Creative model #681x)

The cooler being reviewed here is a type B.

While TennMax is represented in Singapore, their Singapore office does not do retail sales. The polite guy at the Singapore office suggested that I ordered online from the Tennmax website. 

The confirmation of the order came within a day of making the order (via email), and I received the cooler protected by bubble wrap in a box (inside two Jiffy envelopes), via airmail. A one-page installation instruction was included.

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