D-Link DFE-905 Network Kit - Part 4
Windows startup was noticably slower on both machines after the network was installed. Other than that, there were no faults or other side-effects apparent. The computers needed about a minute for the network to be recognised on both systems after Windows startup. After that, files from either computer could be transferred or run on the other. File transfer between both computers were fast and hassle-free. A 25.8MB file transferred from my Pentium Pro 200 into an external Zip drive connected to my Pentium II-333 took about 2:52. The same file transferred from the Pentium II into the Zip drive took about 2:36. In another case, a 106MB file transferred from the Pentium Pro into the hard disk of the Pentium II took 1:01. The same file transferred locally from the hard disk of the Pentium II took 1:03 (yes, local transfer was slightly slower).

Need For Speed 3 was installed on both computers and a networked game was run to test the stability and speed of the connection. A TCP/IP connection was used on both machines in the game. All settings were set to the highest detail on both machines and all the tracks from Hometown to Empire City were used. There was no lag found on either machines and the races ran smoothly from the start till the end.

My ADSL connection was stable on both computers and allowed another person in the room to enjoy the use of a fast speed line without any problem.

The D-Link DFE-905 is a great starter network kit for SOHOs (Small Office Home Office) and for those who plain want a fast and reliable network in the compound. With an affordable price tag to boot and a trouble-free installation, it is a worthwhile buy for gamers, budding companies and students who want an experience in networking.


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