RealMagic Dragon DVD - Part 5

6. Glitches
Because this card is still under development, there are still some glitches here and there. Every 5-10 minutes, the movie suddenly freezes for a split second (with some corruption in the image) before returning to normal playback.

Another problem I faced was that upon the conclusion of some special features on a DVD, instead of returning me to the Menu page, the program would throw me to the Windows desktop. I would need to press Play to resume playback. This also happened when I pressed and held down Ctrl-F (or Ctrl-R) – for fast forward/rewind - for too long a period.

Some of my newer DVDs like the Die Hard Trilogy and A Bug’s Life could not be played at all.

I can’t determine if these are software or hardware-related problems, but these issues will be addressed before the final release.

7. Overall
As I mentioned earlier, the only drawbacks to this card are that:

  • it runs in full screen mode only
  • it only displays on either the TV or the monitor, but not both, at the same time

But it compensates for it all with:

  • Great image quality
  • Low cost hardware DVD solution

Sure, a lot of VGA cards these days ship with some level of DVD-playback support, but these solutions are still very CPU-intensive. Companies like ATI and Matrox also offer add-on solutions to offer full DVD support (including AC3), but they lack the flexibility of a standalone solution like the Dragon card, and should you upgrade your video card (who doesn’t eventually?), you have to throw away your whole investment.


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Special Thanks To Convergent Systems