Desktop Theater 5.1 DTT2500 Digital - Page 2

A Bird’s Eye View
Cambridge SoundWorks DTT2500 is its latest complete multi-channel surround audio speaker system that offers the most price-worthy solution for mainstream PC / Home-theatre users. Along with its five stylistic looking speakers and a powerful black subwoofer, a Dolby Digital decoder + amp has also thoughtfully been integrated. The DTT2500 system comes with five identical 3.5 inch black speakers (similar size to FPS2000). Each features a 2.5 inch long throw speaker driver and the subwoofer features a 5.25 inch long throw bass driver.

The Center speaker itself comes with two detachable mounts (one points the speaker upwards, and the other point it downwards) and is magnetically shielded, so you can place it on the PC monitor or TV without worries. The speaker cables consist of bare-wires (to hook onto the speakers), with RCA connectors on their other end (to plug into the amp). Two tripod stands (about 3 feet in Height) are also bundled – both aesthetically and better constructed than its predecessor IMHO. This package works out to a retail cost of about S$500.

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