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My Wish List (Room For Improvement)
Take the following points of view from a home theater buff like me, who also plays frequent on-line games and listens to music.

1)  An optical input would have been nice for AC-3 sources for DVD players with optical outputs or just allowing a user to make a choice.

2)  With its sexy black colour and solid Home-Theatre capabilities (could be used also in an average living room), a remote control would have been deeply appreciated.

3)  The number of DTS DVD titles is slowly growing (not much currently). Hence, I would suggest Creative to include this DTS support for future systems (by the way, their latest PC-DVD 8X also has DTS support now). If they do, then they will be the first to release a DTS capable amp slated for PC use once more.

4)  Having a line out for the Subwoofer on the DTT2500 was especially thoughtful. Now, if we could only have a Line Out available for all channels, then it would be “Heaven”. 

In all, the various wishes would inevitably raise the price. But hey, I’m willing to pay for it, and trust me lots of other users would too!

Bottom Line
Convergence of technologies indicates the PC environment slowly being moved into the Living Room. The DTT2500 is one serious contender for entertainment, not just for the PC, but also as a Living Room Home-Theatre option. Granted that my previous wish list remains unfulfilled, this is still the most balanced and affordable PC theater solution I have come across so far.
If you are into Home Theater or DVD movies and a tight budget, this could be just what you’re looking for.

In summary, it represents a well-aggregated system for Music, Games, Movies and perhaps for future HDTV too! I highly recommend it over anything out there right now. Big Boys from Yamaha, Sony and Pioneer, this is just the start of things to come. I just wonder how CSW manages it at this price and performance. The DTT2500 is truly a testament of quality from Cambridge SoundWorks.

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