Dual 370, The Dual Celerons Revisited - Part 3
Look Before You Leap
This time you don't have to sweat cuz there's no drilling involved, but still you need equipment. I don't have a list of the things, but you can see the mess of tools strewn all over. Ok! Ok! Primarily you need a solder, black insulation tape, scissors and a multimeter for testing.

Make sure you have magnifying glass at hand to check the connections (I didn't). Before you go about modifying your slotkets, it is important that you check all your components first. For the DFI board, you need to put the CPU in slot one and the "terminator" provided in slot two. See pic below:

In the shot below, you see a error message because I did not connect the CPU fan to the motherboard. Even if you did, you'll still get the error cuz the retail fans does not have any fan sensing hardware built in. Both of the 300A could be overclocked to 450 and 464, it could not boot at 504. I'll do some pin taping if I have the time.


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