Dual 370, The Dual Celerons Revisited - Part 4
Doing The Dirty Work
Well, here's some pics of my hands and fingers hard at work on the surgical details. Delicate job in progress...

For easy reference and greater assurance that I've got the right points soldered, I had these two images from Kikumaru beside me.

After soldering check the slotket on the motherboard, try not to cut the wire so long as Kikumaru (above). It will reduce your chances of overclocking and/or give you occassional overclocking errors.

Cache 128K / 128K =) I managed to get them working dual in about an hour. Whew!

A very simple job I must say, just a wire soldered between two contacts. Do send me your dual celeron config so that I can compile a list. Include S-pecs, CPU speed, motherboard, RAM type. If you like me to help you make a dual rig, drop me a mail, I be happy to help if I'm available.


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