Dual 370, The Dual Celerons Revisited - Part 1

By Keith NG

Hardware One

After I wrote the dual Slot-1 celeron article, I received quite a number of responses mostly from people in the States with a few exceptions from my fellow countrymates here in Singapore.

One reader suggested that I try the slotket version of the dual celerons but I'd told myself not to buy another Intel chip again. Why? Because I was disappointed with the ID feature in Intel's P3 line and what made it worse for me? Intel didn't even tell us that some members in its P2 line of chips also had the ID feature (Celerons has the same core as it's P2 counterpart). Methinks I'll support AMD once K7 hit the street. =P

Ok, I shan't deviate from the article too much, the above is just my personal opinion. This article is here because a reader friend approached me for help to make a dual Celeron rig. I thought why not since I still have some spare time before I enlist for national service end of this month. I agreed on the condition that I'll give of my best but there would be no guarantee for success! =)


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