Dual Celeron Feat - Part 4

A 300w power supply is a must, a dual celeron machine is a power hungry machine. If you have any hardware problems and need to go back to the retailer for exchange don't show them the modified Celerons (of cause you can't exchange a disfigured Celeron), they won't service you =( . Other problems include removing the solder which I shall not bore all of you with.

I was most satisfied when I built a dual celeron machine with my own hands (as well as having overclocked both celerons to 450) 450x2=900. This is what most of you softmenu overclockers can't do =P . I wanted to do some windoze benchmarking, but since nobody pointed me a place to get the softwares, I didn't bother and didn't have to install NT.

Yes, one more thing to note (yes I don't do Microsoft), Windows 95/98 doesn't not support more than 1 system processor , it'll be overkill if you plan to run win98 on a dual celeron config.

I installed Solaris 7 and it detected my 2nd processor, running StarOffice to type this document and almost everything else was a breeze.

Final Words
I would like to thank everyone at SAJC for being so supportive and St Andrew's Junior college for employing me after my graduation. For those of you who's performed this experiment are most welcomed to send in your comments, suggestions and tips to me at [email protected]

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