Dual Celeron Feat - Part 1

By Keith NG ([email protected])

for Hardware One

The journey of learning and creation.

Word was spreading on the Net that someone from Japan modified two Celerons to work in SMP mode. I entered the words 'dual celeron' in Excite and found out that it was Tomohiro Kawada from Kikumarus' Hardware Lab. Everything on his website was in Japanese, fortunately somebody helped Kawada translate this work into English. I'm just applying the hard work put in by Kawada so all the credits should go to him. This article is written to help people understand how Kawada built a dual celeron machine as well as to praise him for his efforts.

Note: If you have no experience doing electronics you can stop reading now. Also I'm not liable for any errors or accidents caused by reading or practising what's mentioned in this article.

And now the recipe, how to build the machine that Intel never wanted us to use? A cheap and yet powerful server platform performing at a near 1 gigaherz speed.

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