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How It Works
There are essentially two possible ways to use the Dual Strike. The first method is used in Quake-style games and the second, for flight simulators. The two configurations are interchanged via the Control Panel -> Game Controllers -> Settings tab.

In Dual Strike FX Mode, the controller is used in the way I explained earlier. The directional hat switch will control movement and the PC will control perspective view. In Joystick Mode, the hat switch will be inactive and the PC will still control the direction you face. You will have to set the Dual Strike to be in this mode in simulators or the hat switch will be used for view control instead. This can be difficult as the hat switch is neither as flexible nor as intuitive as the PC.

The speed and sensitivity of the PC can be set via a Settings tab shown below. There are two main controller settings that you can tweak; The Aiming Zone and the Spin Zone.

The Dual Strike Properties Dialogue Box

The Aiming Zone refers to the game display that is bounded by the extreme positions of the PC. Suppose we move the PC to the extreme left, right, top and bottom. The area encompassed by these four points constitutes the Aiming Zone. In a FPS, this can exceed what you currently see on the monitor. Changing the settings in the Aiming Zone will affect the sensitivity and speed of the controller within this area.

The Spin Zone is the game display outside the Aiming Zone which requires you to move the PC to one of four extremes for a while to reach. In other words, you "spin" about the axis while the PC is locked in one direction. Changing the settings in the Spin Zone will affect how fast and sensitive you turn while the PC is locked.

These settings will have to be custom adjusted to suit individual games. For example, you might need to turn hard and fast in Unreal Tournament, but some slack is required in the cockpit of a fighter in FreeSpace 2. Fortunately, there are already some thirty top game profiles available in the SideWinder Game Controller software which you can use. Alternatively, you can save customised preferences for future use.

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