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Sim Test
Though not touted as a joystick replacement, the Dual Strike does have a secondary function of being a pseudo flightstick for flight simulations. As mentioned earlier, the Dual Strike has to be set to "Joystick Mode" for effective flight control. To test the performance of the controller, I had a go at Volition Inc's Freespace 2.

Surprisingly, the learning curve of the Dual Strike in Freespace 2 is not as steep as that in FPS. I became quite a decent space jockey after about an hour of using the controller. It feels refreshing handling something other than a stick in a cockpit. Of course, this does not mean that the Dual Strike handles better than a joystick. There are many controls available in a space simulation and there are simply not enough buttons on the Dual Strike to fulfil this need. Shields adjustment, communications, afterburners and weapons cycling are but just some of the many controls which need to be manned. A left hand with full control of the keyboard and the right hand on the joystick is still the best way to go. I must say that a flight simulator is not something you should consider seriously using the Dual Strike for.

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