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The Good
Don't get me wrong. The Dual Strike is not a "Zero" product. It just fails to unseat the current killer keyboard and mouse combination. It is the most capable handheld controller for FPS that I have seen so far and scores a one-up when compared to the other handheld controllers such as the Panther XL and Titans Sphere. For those of you who find it sacrilegious to be using the keyboard and mouse in games of blood and gore, the Dual Strike is the next best thing.

Another plus is that the Dual Strike is priced at a relatively affordable S$80+. I expected a new controller such as this to be at least S$100. The low pricing is admittedly, a good initiative on the part of Microsoft. Players new to the FPS genre may be interested in trying out a novel controller such as the Dual Strike.

The Bad
It will not be fair to condemn the Dual Strike on the grounds that it does not dethrone the keyboard and mouse combination. However, its limitations when compared to the keyboard/mouse are obvious and undeniable. The keyboard/mouse really has the potential to do a lot more than the Dual Strike. Also, the learning curve of the Dual Strike is pretty high, so users adapting to it may have to do a little struggling here. Veteran users of the keyboard and mouse will probably stick to what they are already familiar and proficient with.

In addition, the Dual Strike is not as ubiquitous as the keyboard and the mouse. When you walk past a string of computers hooked up for a Q3A game (competition or otherwise), you can be sure the keyboard and mouse will always be there. These are some questions you will inevitably ask yourself : Is it worthwhile to be painstakingly proficient in a controller which is not as tried and tested as the keyboard/mouse combination? Can I just saunter in any LAN gaming event wearing nothing but my pyjamas and frag the living daylights out of anyone?

The Dual Strike is a step in the right direction towards the introduction of the ideal fragging controller. No doubt it is not the next Big Thing poised to replace the familiar keyboard and mouse in FPS, but it is comforting to see that great efforts have been put in creating the ideal FPS controller. The Dual Strike may not make waves in the FPS gaming community; but from what I see, it is a safe bet that greater and better alternatives to the keyboard and mouse are in the horizon.

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