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By Yingzong
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With First Person Shooter (FPS) games such as Half-Life, Quake III Arena and Unreal Tournament becoming insanely popular these days, the search for the ideal kick-ass controller is greatly welcome. The traditional mouse and keyboard killer combination reigns supreme for now but novel and refreshing controllers have been recently introduced as alternatives. For example, ACT-LABS has come up with the ACT-LABS GS, a gun system that incorporates a handheld controller. Makers of the popular Sidewinder Freestyle Pro, Microsoft has again come up with another gem, the Sidewinder Dual Strike. The Dual Strike is an USB-only game controller specifically designed for FPS and is a combination of the mouse, keyboard, gamepad and joystick.

The Dual Strike Controller

Here's is a brief list of features :

  • Perspective Control Dual Strike's Perspective Control improves aiming and movement essential in first person and action/adventure games. This Control incorporates the functionality of the mouse traditionally used in first person and action/adventure games.
  • Multiple Customizable Buttons Six action buttons, two triggers, and one shift button allow gamers to customize up to sixteen programmable buttons. These buttons incorporate the keyboard element of control traditionally used in first person and action/adventure games.
  • SideWinder Game Controller Software SideWinder Game Device Software includes 30 top game profiles and allows gamers to map keystrokes, keystrings and chords to individual gamepad buttons, swap game axes and adjust sensitivity to amplify movements.
  • USB Compatibility

Back Shot of the Dual Strike

The Dual Strike controller given to us was an evaluation piece and it came in a plastic bag with the CD.

The Contents of the Evaluation Package


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