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System Requirements
You must have a CD-Recorder or CD-RW drive to use EasyCD Creator v4. For a list of supported CD-Recordable drives, please see the list over at

  • PC running Windows® 95, Windows® 98 or Windows NT®4.0
  • 166 MHz Pentium or faster
  • 32 MB RAM
  • Minimum 55 MB free hard disk space (90 MB recommended for typical installations)
  • Recordable or RW CDs
  • 800x600 display, 256 colors or more
  • Internet Access to take advantage of Internet features
  • Optional: Windows compatible sound card (16-bit or better) and analog source (LP, cassette, DAT, or CD) attached to stereo receiver with line-out capabilities for CD Spin Doctor
  • Optional: Scanner, digital camera or video camcorder for PhotoRelay™. Video capture device required to import video from video camera.

Installation was pretty straight-forward, though it took quite some time as there are a number of applications to be installed. Once I popped the CD into my CD-ROM drive, I was greeted by cheerful music which sounds a bit like those kiddy games children play.

Main Installation Menu 

From the main menu, you can choose to install Easy CD Creator Deluxe, DirectCD, Take Two or the Bonus Applications. It's kinda funny, but this cute guy greets you when you try to install the software.

New Wizard for Adaptec

I shouldn't bore you with the rest of the installation details. The files took approximately 100 MB (wow!) for typical installation. As usual, after installation, you need to reboot your computer to load the new drivers.


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