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Main Interface
Adaptec finally decided to do a splash screen for the software. From the graphic below, you can see that it's really quite intuitive. If you wish to create a Audio CD, just click on the Audio button. If you wish to copy CDs, just click on CD Copier. It's just that simple.

Frontend for EasyCD Creator v4

Easy CD Creator v4
Upon installation, I fired up Easy CD Creator and was pleasantly surprised by the new layout. Basically everything looks about the same and works on the same concept present with older versions. You simply drag and drop your files to the CD Layout and with a bit of sorting here and there, you are done; You are now ready to burn the CD. 

CD Layout offers a convenient way of choosing what type of CD to burn

The new Wizard was rather interesting to watch initially, but soon became a nuisance after prolonged usage.

CD Wizard 

CDDB support is built into Easy CD Creator. You can now avoid the tedious job of renaming the files and download the required information such as track names and artist names straight from the Internet.

CDDB Options



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