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CD Copier
CD Copier looks about the same, with only a few cosmetic changes here and there.

Various settings for CD Copier

Recording Phase - New interface looks 'fresh'


CD Spin Doctor
Included in the software is a new version of CD Spin Doctor. The software allows you to make your own audio CDs from a variety of music sources. This includes traditional analog sources such as LPs and cassette tapes as well as from digital sources such as music CDs, WAV and MP3 files. You can use the recording options included with CD Spin Doctor to clean up the surface noise of old songs (such as scratchy LPs) and record them to CD. Depending on what you are doing, CD Spin Doctor may come in real handy sometimes.

Here's a comparison table comparing Easy CD Creator with CD Spin Doctor taken from the Help file in the program.



Easy CD Creator

CD Spin Doctor

  • Record songs from LPs, cassette tapes, and stereo CD players to CD

  • Add recording options such as sound filtering, audio morphing, splitting tracks, and loudness balancing

  • Edit gaps between tracks, add fades, and cross fades

  • Create a CD layout—a file containing a list of songs and the order in which they appear—before recording to CD

  • Create the entire audio CD at once

  • Create the CD one audio track at a time

  • Record from MP3 files

  • Apply Fade In, Fade Out, and Cross Fades between audio tracks

  • Download and save CD and track titles.

DirectCD works on the same concept of previous versions. DirectCD is a program that allows you to write files directly to a CD-Recordable (CD-R) or CD-ReWritable (CD-RW) disc in much the same way that you copy files to a floppy diskette or removable drive. DirectCD lets you read and write your files directly to your CD with any software application that can read from and write to a drive. 


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